Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles & Natural Pavers/Tiles in Nambucca and Bellingen

Here at Mid Coast Tiles Urunga, we know that new tiles can elevate the whole look of your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or outdoor area and we pride ourselves on having the widest range at competitive prices.

Not only that, we can source tiles from worldwide sources on the off-chance we don’t have what you need. Our suppliers, Ocean and Merchant, have a unique range of tiles to choose from.

Our showroom also stocks grout and adhesive products from Dribond Construction Chemicals to ensure you always have the right materials for your project.

Contact us today for the best range of quality ceramic, porcelain, feature or outdoor tiles.

Bathrooms 3-min

Ceramic Tiles

Renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice. They’re light and durable—making them ideal for use in second-storey bathrooms—and will last over a decade when properly maintained.


These types of tile have a protective, glazed coating that makes them resistant to water and humidity. The ease with which ceramic tiles can be cleaned makes them perfect for kitchen backsplashes, walls and floors. Any spills can simply be mopped up.


Ceramic tiles can be printed with different patterns and designs before the glaze is applied, broadening the variety and creative uses for these tiles. The manufacturing process can sometimes result in tiles that aren’t identical, which creates a unique look.

Internal Floors 2-min

Porcelain Tiles

Decorate your space with porcelain tiles. Made from quality components they offer a uniform, luxury appearance. While tricky to install, these tiles look stunning and are less likely to need replacing, as they’re denser than ceramic.


Because of this density, porcelain tiles are better for commercial use or busy areas of your home, like hallways and living spaces. Not only are they excellent for high-traffic areas, they are scratch-resistant so are ideal for pets. 


Available in a wide range of diverse styles, porcelain tiles can even be designed to replicate other types of flooring. This includes hardwood, marble, limestone, slate or granite, and the tiles won’t fade or wear down.

Glazed Porcelain pavers-min

Natural Stone Tiles & Pavers

Enjoy your outdoor space and give it a sense of style with beautiful and unique natural stone pavers and tiles. These tiles offer the same strength as concrete without the drab appearance.

Natural stone pavers are highly durable, so they will hold up well in heavy rain or other weather conditions, which makes them a good choice for the surrounds of pools or stylish garden paths.

Available in different sizes, styles and stone types, natural stone tiles bring a unique touch of nature inside. Some of these tiles are even 3D, giving your walls depth and texture to ensure your home is completely one-of-a kind. We also offer all the adhesives and grouts you need to lay your natural stone tiles through our supplier Dribond Construction Chemicals.

Internal Floors 1-min

Adhesives & Grout

When creating your new look, it’s important you have all the right supplies. We stock a wide range of adhesives and grouts from Dribond Construction Chemicals for all types of tile.


Doing your own renovation is a big project, though knowing you’ve done all the work yourself can be very rewarding.  The right adhesive and a clean finish on your grout will make your renovated laundry, bathroom or kitchen stunning. Sealing the grout will also prevent leaks and the growth of mould and mildew, so you won’t have to re-do the process in the future.


These products are easy to apply and can be used by homeowners or by businesses working in commercial spaces. Our team will be able to assist you in choosing the correct adhesive and grout for your tiles.

Bathrooms 1-min


Waterproofing your bathroom or wet room is a crucial part of the tiling process.  While it may seem like a simple process that you can do yourself, in New South Wales, it’s a legal requirement to have your shower, bathroom or wet room waterproofed by a licensed professional.


We supply waterproofing membranes, moisture barriers and grout sealers to businesses and tradesmen. If you’re doing your own tiling, we can recommend qualified waterproofers for your bathroom or wet room renovation.

Mosaics 1-min

Tiling Tools

Buying all of the tiles and tools you need for your job at once is an advantage. That’s why we make sure to stock the tools and accessories you’re going to need so that you can get on with your work.

Some of the tools we supply include:

  • Tile spacers
  • Grout applicators
  • Tile cutters
  • Notched trowels
  • Grout floats
  • Tile jacks

Whether you’re doing the tiling yourself or stocking up on tools for your business, we’ve got what you need.